Medieval Martial Arts

Medieval German-style wrestling and weapons training; including longsword, sword and buckler, dagger, and messer.


Armored Combat

Advanced students will have the opportunity to do fully armored combat using long sword, pole axe, dagger and wrestling.


Living History

Participate in medieval reenactment events, crafting, and educational demonstrations. We are family friendly!

Valor Starts Here

The Swordsman Guild of Kansas City started in 2007 as a group of like-minded individuals who wanted to study the martial arts of Europe as they were practiced during the Middle Ages. While our instructors have been involved in a variety of European martial arts for years, many of our members are new to the sport. Our classes are fun, safe, and and good exercise.

What you get from joining the guild:

  • Fitness
  • Self Defense
  • Camaraderie and life-long friends
  • An education in medieval life
  • Friendly Competition
  • Crafting workshops
  • Fun for the whole family
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Upcoming Events
  1. La Bataille Du Cygne 2018: Deed of the Swan Knight

    April 25 - April 29
    Linn County Park and Marina 23095 Valley Rd Pleasanton KS
  2. Chivalric Fighting Arts Symposium & Passage at Arms

    September 7 - September 9
    The Barn B & B Inn 14910 Blue Mound Road Valley Falls KS

The Medieval Swordsman Guild of Kansas City is a member of the H.E.M.A. Alliance

Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) refers to documentable methods of armed and unarmed personal and group combat of European origin.

4 Week Introduction Course

  • 12 hours of training
  • Medieval martial art text book
  • Guild t-shirt and water bottle
  • Group workshops
  • Free equipment usage
  • Apprentice testing & badge
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